Elite permanent make up artist in Central Milton Keynes


The Fluffy Combination Brow

Nano hairstrokes, flowing in the direction of natural eyebrow hair. With soft, powdered shading to blend.

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My Signature Sombré Brow

A gradual build-up of soft, powdered shading with pixelated shading at the front of the brow for a subtle ombré effect.

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The Ombré Brow

A little bolder than the ‘Sombré’ brow. Still a build-up of soft powdered shading, with more prominent pixelated shading at the front of the brow for the ultimate Ombré effect.

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The Nano hairstroke Brow

Neat, crisp, nano hairstrokes. Flowing in the direction of natural eyebrow hair for the most natural results.

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Gloss & Go ™ - Lip Blush

An all over blush, in the colour of your choice. This treatment is about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put in any situation so that all you…

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Li-FT non laser tattoo Removal

a unique formula and permanent make up machine is used to remove saturated ink. This is suitable for facial and body tattoos within the appropriate size – up to (16cmx8cm) per treatment. A course of treatments is required to achieve optimum results. I am then able to recover the area and improve badly applied permanent cosmetics.

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